Chair Massages

We have kept our rates (just $85 per hour, which includes gratuity) the same for many years, as we truly believe in our special structural chair massage and would like to share it with as many people as we can. Click here for an instant quote. Generally we will respond within 24 hours during the week.

Please note that massage therapy is a healing art. For our “chairapists” to provide the very best service to your team, we need a quiet and peaceful space to set up the chair massage station(s). This will allow the full healing effect of the chair massage to help each person receive the best service possible. In addition, there needs to be 5 minutes in between each massage to allow for the therapist to answer any questions, clean and sanitize the chair and their hands, then be prepared to adjust the chair for the next person and discuss what they need. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

THREE WAYS TO FIT ANY BUDGET 1. Host/Company Sponsored Rates @ $85 per hour (includes gratuity) This is obviously the easiest way your staff/recipients can be encouraged to use massage as part of their wellness goals. We can invoice for payment by check or credit/debit card.
Length of Time 5 Minute Massages 10 Minute Massages
1 hour 8 people 4 people
2 hours 16 people 8 people
3 hours 24 people 12 people
4 hours 32 people 16 people
2. Individual Employee/Recipent Rates If your budget does not include chair massage, but your support of the massage as self-care is well documented, the staff/recipients can easily pay for their massage time (during breaks or lunch for businesses), by cash, check or credit/debit card. Please note that effective 1/1/22, the individual rates will be increased to match rising costs. Stay tuned for the rates.
5 minutes/$7 20 minutes/$27
10 minutes/$13 25 minutes/$33
15 minutes/$20 30 minutes/$40
3. Co-Pay This is often a common meeting ground for a lot of employers/hosts, as it encourages self-care with your staff/recipients taking on an active role, subsidized partially by your wellness intentions. This is generally a 50/50 split, but we can make any arrangement that works with your budget. Special Notes
  • Travel fees may be added, depending on location.
  • Massages can be provided for longer increments upon request.
  • Checks, Zelle and all major credit cards accepted for all major events.
  • Credit card rates are an additional 3% than quoted amount.