Home Visits

Our professional “chairapists” can also provide HOME VISITS for you and your family!

KELA Therapists will also come to your home just for you and/or your family with either chair or table massage! There doesn’t need to be a special occasion – other than your body needs some relief from pain and discomfort! Plus, our therapists have all been highly trained to provide relief from many common conditions such as headaches, TMJ conditions, back pain, carpel tunnel, etc., as well as help with stress reduction. Please sign our consent form prior to booking any of our therapists.

Available Therapists:



          • $115 per hour for chair massage in your home.
          • $125 per hour for table massage in your home.
          • $115 per hour for table massage at our Montrose location.
          • $.50 per mile travel fee from therapist’s home area.

Just fill out the form below,¬†and we’ll schedule your home visit as soon as possible!